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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My bro needs a new camera!

If you are reading this than you already know that my brother broke his 5D Canon by accident. Obviously we won't be able to buy another one. But we need to put money together to at least get something similar. It will be great if you can donate anything even if its a dollar. Click the PayPal donate button on the upper right hand corner to donate. You can donate with any credit card or check. It's simple. this will be a great help to us. You don't have to donate, but we just wanted to try this out to see the support we can get.

My brother is an aspiring director and you know how it is that we both chose the hardest professions to get in. If you are still skeptical here is his Youtube page and see his movies with his old now broken, camera. I honestly believe in this kid and his stuff is better than anything I have seen quality wise.

Check him out his name is Magid Metwaly

Here is one of my favorite videos he made

Here is a video me and him made together

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